Industrial Roofing Problems That Need ASAP Attention

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Industrial Roofing Problems That Need ASAP Attention

One of the last things you want to deal with as a business owner are industrial roofing problems.

They can disrupt business operations and are often costly – among other issues.

Perhaps the best advice, when confronted with roofing problems, is “Don’t wait until it’s too late.” Ignoring your industrial roofing problems can lead to costlier, more extensive issues later on.

The following are problems that require attention ASAP, if not immediately.

1. Pooling water

Pooling water is a common problem for flat commercial roofs. Water that’s allowed to sit for a long time may eventually penetrate your roofing membrane and cause damage to all areas of your roof.

2. Leaks

Leaking water is one of the most common signs of industrial roofing problems. It can occur anywhere on your commercial roof, including at areas of penetration such as where pipes and drains puncture the surface of the roof.

3. Weather damage repairs

Every commercial roof faces exposure to the elements and is susceptible to weather damage caused by storms, heavy snowfall, debris, and excessive exposure to UV rays. If your roof isn’t in top shape, weather damage can exacerbate existing issues.

4. Poor workmanship

The well-being of your roof depends on regular maintenance and inspections by roofing professionals. If industrial roofing problems are found due to shoddy workmanship or repairs made incorrectly, you need to act quickly to fix them. To avoid this, only work with insured, reputable roofers to ensure any work is up to code or is valid within your roof’s warranty.

5. Defective flashings

Anything that juts from your roof or goes over curbs and walls – such as chimneys, pipes, etc., is sealed with a flashing. This fashing can rip or crack, leading to industrial roofing problems such as water leaks. In fact, faulty flashing is the most common cause of leaky commercial roofs.

6. Problems caused by poor installation

Whether your roof was installed correctly or not is a significant indicator of whether you’ll have industrial roofing problems or not. An improperly installed roof can lead to leaks and other potentially major issues.Jewett Roofing Company, a trusted St. Louis business, will do a comprehensive inspection of your industrial roof and resolve any problems.

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