3 Benefits of an Industrial Roofing Inspection From Jewett

1. Preventative Maintenance

When you have your industrial roof inspected by a certified professional you will get a clear account of everything that is happening up there.

Your roofing contractor will make a thorough check of the flashing for leaks, look out for rot and mold, as well as identify any structural issues.

They will also look for any animal activity that may cause damage. A flat industrial roof can retain water and debris in low-level areas. A build-up of debris or pooling water can weaken the roof causing leaks. Debris can also prevent runoff through the scupper and downspout, weakening your industrial roof. All of the possible issues with your roof will be quickly identified and our professional inspector can then recommend a positive course of action.

2. Increased Value

Your industrial building is an investment. With any investment, it is important to properly maintain it and in turn, increase the value of said property. If your roof has minor damage that is unchecked it can turn into major damage quickly. With a comprehensive roofing inspection once a year you are taking care of your investment and heading off any possible expensive damage repairs. The value of your industrial building will also increase with help of thorough roof maintenance reports.  

3. Positive Impact on your Business

Your employees and clients will have confidence in your business knowing that you are maintaining a safe and leak-free roof. A certified roof inspector will make a physical inspection of the roof from on top of the building and will also inspect the ceiling tiles, walls, and vents inside for evidence of leaks. They will make a visual inspection of the crawl space between the ceiling and roof looking for any possible issues. With a clean ceiling and leak-proof roof, your employees and any clients that may come into the building will be confident that you are concerned for their comfort and health. Happy and confident employees translate to a positive work environment.

Our dependable roofing inspectors, repair crew and repair managers are professional and helpful through the whole process. They will confidently help to maintain and improve on your industrial roofing needs. To learn more, please contact Jewett Roofing Company today!