Typical Repairs for EPDM Roofing Systems

It has an elaborate, scientific-sounding name: ethylene propylene diene terpolymer; it is usually just called EPDM roofing, and it is a time-tested, tough roofing material. EPDM roofing is a rubber-based material that rolls out in sheets and stays down using mechanical fasteners, full adhesion with adhesive, or ballast. Typical repairs on this versatile material are quick and easy.

Attach a Patch

EPDM roofing is so versatile and long-lasting, it remains flexible for decades. Ultraviolet radiation that normally breaks down most roofing materials has little effect on EPDM, which means repairs can be done quickly and conveniently. For pervasive punctures, tears, or splitting seams, turn to a trained, local, professional roofer experienced in EPDM roofing.
Most punctures can be repaired by thoroughly preparing the surface, then applying the appropriate repair materials (in layers as needed). This patchwork approach saves time and money, avoiding costly tear-off and replacement over large areas. For ballasted systems, this patch repair also is nearly invisible, as the top surface of ballast stone hides the patch.

Avoid D-I-Y Solutions

Unfortunately, many EPDM roofing surfaces are ruined because well-intentioned crews go at the repair with the wrong materials. EPDM is synthetic rubber; asphalt materials are not compatible with the rubber compounds. This also applies to roof cement, which will hasten the breakdown of the rubber.
Cleaning an EPDM roof may sound easy, but if you use the wrong cleaning products, you could harm your roof or void your warranty. Consult your local roofer for questions about cleaning old or new EPDM roofing, but do consider cleaning it. The surface will last longer and provide better energy efficiency if it is clean.

Seam Problems

Common to EPDM roofs are seam issues, often brought on by ripples or wrinkles through faulty installation. These can trap air and extend into seams, inviting water leaks. Resealing just the seams without addressing the adjacent wrinkles will only lead to more leaks. With EPDM roofing, as explained by Inspectopedia, the better option is to remove large portions that include wrinkles, apply fresh EPDM roofing, and reseal everything. This means fresh seams and watertight adhesion.
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