Inspections & Consultation

Jewett Roofing Company performs a comprehensive and thorough inspection and examination of every clients roof. The inspection provides a detailed analysis of the existing roofing systems, moisture assessments, and identification of problem areas. Core samples are taken from each roofing system to determine type, thickness and overall condition of the existing roofing system.

Common Industrial Roofing Problems

Most roof leaks are not found in the large open areas of the roof. It is the details that cause the majority of problems.

A proper inspection is composed of several steps:

  • Inspecting the roof surface for debris.
    Tree limbs and other debris can puncture most roof systems resulting in costly repairs. Maintenance personnel often leave screws, loose HVAC doors and tools behind.
  • Checking the penetrations.
    Inspect around all pipe stacks, HVAC units, and curbs. Look for lifted seams or open cracks.
  • Careful examination of the roof’s edges.
    All roof systems expand and contract when the temperature changes and EPDM materials are especially susceptible to shrinkage over time. This can result in tears or the material coming loose at the edges.

It can be extremely dangerous to attempt roof inspections on your own!

Roof inspections should be done on a regular basis. Schedule yours to be performed with each change of season and after severe weather. If you do not have the experience or personnel available, call us and we can help!

Budgeting Your St. Louis Roof Replacement

Jewett Roofing Company understands the cost of a roof replacement can oftentimes be a considerable business expense, and one that takes time to save and budget for. Jewett Roofing will work with you to establish budgeting guidelines for your roofing needs.

Oftentimes budgeting requires the work to be done over multiple fiscal years. Our expert consultants will provide a comprehensive analysis of your existing roofing system, as well as the implementation of a roof maintenance plan to help preserve the system until it can be replaced.

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Repair & Maintenance

Your rooftop takes the brunt of Mother Nature’s fury. The Sun’s UV rays break down most types of roofing over time. The wind stretches and pulls at the top layers of material trying to rip your roof off. Water seeps into even the smallest crevices. When it freezes, it expands, ripping open seams and ruining insulation.

St. Louis Commercial Roof Repair

Aging flat roofs are particularly susceptible to failure. Jewett Roofing employs trained craftsmen who are skilled in identifying issues with your roof. Our repairmen are trained to identify and correct leaks in all flat and low slope roofs. Following a thorough roof inspection, our technicians will recommend the best course of action to extend the life of your roof.

Flat Roof Repair Specialists

Hard-to-find leaks are no match for the certified repair technicians a Jewett Roofing. Our employees are trained to repair all types of commercial roofing, including, Metal Roofs, EPDM RUBBER ROOFS, PVC, TPO, BUR BUILT UP ROOF, and MODIFIED BITUMEN.

If your existing roof is failing and ROOF REPLACEMENT is necessary, Jewett Roofing recommends and specializes in the installation of the Duro-Last Roofing System. We believe Durolast is the superior product that will leave you leak and worry free for years to come. If repairs will cover your current roofing needs, Jewett Roofing offers a full service Preventative Maintenance Plan to extend the longevity of your current roof.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

A leaky roof is often a preventable problem. By conducting regular inspections and applying corrective measures, a Preventative Commercial Roof Maintenance Program can eliminate common causes and conditions of a leaky roof. A Roof Maintenance Plan can add years of life to your existing roofing system. We are happy to work with you to develop a repair and maintenance program for your St. Louis facilit,y to maximize the life of your roof while ensuring you and your business stay dry. Jewett technicians are trained to correct problems on many types of roofs. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Metal Roofs
  • EPDM (Rubber)
  • TPO
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Built-Up Roof
  • PVC

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Certified Roof Repair Technician Program

Our Repair Contractors follow Nation Roofing Contractor Association repair guidelines.

The Best Quality Roofing Technicians

At Jewett Roofing, ongoing training and development of our roofing technicians and high internal standards are two of the many reasons for our success over the years. Jewett Roofing’s Certified Roof Repair Technician Program was designed to improve the ROOFING KNOWLEDGE, expertise, and customer service skills of all of our technicians.

All of our Certified Roof Repair Technicians carry I.D. badges.

Comprehensive Certification Program

With training on roofing materials, equipment, safety best practices, technology, emergency procedures, and more, our repair technician certification program is quite comprehensive.
Though such programs are not required by the COMMERCIAL ROOFING INDUSTRY, our high internal expectations have helped us become one of the most effective COMMERCIAL ROOFING companies in the country. This belief in quality helps us hire and retain some of the best and brightest roofing technicians available.

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Commercial & Industrial Roof Replacement

Jewett Roofing Company specializes in flat, low-slope, and metal retrofit applications on all sizes and types of commercial properties. From major manufacturing facilities to small-town businesses, we have you covered!

Flat & Low Slope Roof Replacement

Many commercial properties feature flat roofs. Waterproofing a flat or low slope roof requires different techniques than are required for a typical shingled roof. A special attention to detail is necessary to ensure a watertight seal even in the event of standing water on the roof.

Jewett Roofing Company has dedicated itself since 1984 to resolving commercial roofing problems and is a Duro-Last® Master Elite Contractor in St. Louis. Your facility deserves that level of expertise and experience.

We specialize in the following roofing types:

Duro-Last – The “World’s Best Roof”

At Jewett Roofing, production quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. That’s why we choose Duro-Last for many of our industrial roofing projects.

Duro-Last’s pursuit of excellence and unwavering dedication to their product have convinced us and many others that they make the world’s premier roofing system.

Duro-Last PVC Roofing Single Ply CommercialUsing a Duro-Last System provides the following advantages:

  • High Reflectivity = Lower AC Bills!
  • Eco-Friendly: Recycle your roof at the end of it’s life.
  • Superior Warranties: Up to 20 years No Dollar Limit for Material failure.

DECRA Stone Coated Roofing

Jewett Roofing installs DECRA Stone Coated Roofing Panels. DECRA ROOFING SYSTEMS offer the look of traditional slate, shake or shingles with the durability of stone coated metal. DECRA offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Find out more about DECRA Roofing Solutions.

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