Flat Roof Problems that Jewett Can Help With

A member of your facilities crew comes to you about a roofing problem with your property’s flat roof. She reports abrasion from foot traffic from that HVAC crew that was replacing a 12-ton cooler. Then another crew member comes in with photographs on his cell phone, showing a series of punctures in the single-ply membrane. As if that were not enough, your chief of maintenance reminds you about that ponding problem on the northwest corner. Three separate roofing problems. Do they call for three separate solutions? When you partner with a reliable, thorough local roofing company, you really have one solution: get the contractor’s professional opinion.



Restricting rooftop visitors and third party vendors to demarcated walk pads is the surest way to prevent abrasion problems in single-ply membranes and other roofing materials. Failing that, frequent inspection can identify areas where abrasion may be wearing down PVC or TPO, or shifting ballast improperly.

Beyond work boots, other causes of abrasion are heavy equipment improperly moved on your roof, wind-borne debris scouring the surface, and dropped tools, say experts at Facilities Net.


Punctures can occur not only in membrane roofing (TPO, PVC, EDPM) but also in support structures like flashing and drainage systems. These can be caused by lightning strikes, hail, work boots with rocks embedded in the treads, or careless workers dropping screwdrivers and other sharp tools, says Facilities Net.


Ponding is the retention of water in depressed areas of the flat roof; it begins a vicious cycle in which water weighs down the insulation more, causing the ponding to increase.

After major St. Louis storms, your facilities crew should carefully and safely sweep all standing water from your flat roof, paying particular attention to noticeably depressed areas.

The common denominator in all these problems is that, despite your crew’s conscientious efforts, your flat roof needs professional attention. Turning to your local, dependable roofer — with the right training, equipment and experience — can relieve you (and your facilities crew) of uncertainty while speedily solving your roofing problems.

Jewett Roofing Company truly is your trusted, local partner in roofing, your single-source solution for every flat roof challenge. Our years of experience, highly trained repair crews, and extensive investment in equipment are more than a match for any problem with your St. Louis commercial roof. Contact us today to see how we can be your one-stop shop in flat roof repair.