Why Industrial Roofs Equal Industrial Safety Hazards

If you are the building owner or property manager of a commercial building, one of the things you always have to be concerned with is the industrial roof system which has been installed, and how it’s holding up against the elements.

It’s fair to say that an industrial roof can be something of a headache, because of how vulnerable it is to damage, as well as the safety hazards it presents. That’s why, when it comes time for any kind of inspection or maintenance to be done to your industrial roof, you should leave it to the professionals.

Is a flat roof a safe roof?

You might think so, especially since there are no steep sides that might cause you to slip or fall. But falling isn’t the only risk posed by a roof, and commercial roofs just carry a different set of risks that you should be aware of.

A flat roof is much more vulnerable to having water pool up and sit for long periods of time. Eventually, this can build up pressure on the materials below and cause a leak. This is a lot less likely on a sloped roof, but a flat industrial roof is always subject to ponding, especially in areas that get a lot of rain.

It’s also true that an industrial roof is often the place where large air-conditioning units are situated, or where huge ventilation systems are installed. If you aren’t paying attention, it’s pretty easy to run afoul of one of these big systems, and hurt yourself. On top of that, the tremendous weight of these systems can create pressures and gaps on the roofing system, which can quickly become openings that will receive in water, and start to undermine the integrity of your roofing system.

Keeping it safe

It’s your responsibility as property manager to ensure that your industrial roof does not become a hazard to tenants or to employees inside the building. In order to do this, you should have the roof inspected frequently for any kind of damage, including parts that may become loosened by wind, so that no one gets injured by heavy pieces falling off the roof.

Who to call

To make sure that your industrial roof stays up to snuff, and doesn’t become a hazard for yourself or anyone else, call Jewett Roofing Company, and let the experts handle the maintenance and inspections for you.

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