Industrial roofs are more often than not flat or low sloped roof areas. In some cases they are steep sloped and then they might be metal or have asphalt or laminate shingles.

Industrial roof repair requires specialists who can work quickly over large areas to find and repair leaks and holes in the roofing material and underlayment.

A few facts about industrial roofs:

  1. A roof that is not secure to the underlayment or roof deck can billow and blow off in high winds.
  2. Rainwater and melted snow that stay in ponds on the roof for a day or two are dangerous. A one-inch deep pond of water can weigh 5.2lbs per square foot. This puts additional weight on the roof and it can lead to roof collapse without good drainage.
  3. The most common areas of commercial and industrial roof repair usually involve the flashing around parapet walls and roof penetrations including HVAC units, exhaust fans, roof drains, plumbing or hot stack vents. Metal edge flashings should also be checked.
  4. Flat roofs are subject to cracks, blisters, punctures and even erosion based on the materials. Built-up roof (BUR) membrane and single ply roofs shrink over time causing the flashing to pull away from the edges.
  5. Flat roofs and other commercial and industrial building roofs must be inspected and maintained on a regular basis to keep buildings dry and and free of leaks. The correct industrial roof repair materials and expert workmanship are required to keep roofs in good condition.

Jewett Roofing Company in the St. Louis area has a “Two Men for a Day” fixed commercial and industrial roof repair program to inspect and make repairs to your building’s roof. Our trained experts inspect all flashing, fascias, securement, rain gutters and shingles in search of leaks and loose fittings. We will make sure the correct repairs are done to extend the life of your roof.

We can send out a two-man team within eight hours or less when you call us for an emergency repair. Don’t wait until a severe weather warning goes into effect before checking out your building’s roof. Be prepared with a secure, watertight industrial roof. Contact us today!

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