If you are a business owner in the St. Louis area, preparing for winter can save you headaches while maximizing the amount of time you are open to serve customers. Whether ensuring your sidewalks are safe and ice-free or dealing with an emergency roof repair after a big storm, winter preparedness is a skill that will provide numerous benefits to your business.

emergency roof repair for your business

Prepare Your Building For Winter to Increase Customer Satisfaction

When your customers drive up to your business, they expect a safe, comfortable experience from start to finish. Depending upon whether you are the owner or a tenant of a building, you may be responsible for all or none of the winter maintenance tasks listed below:

  • Clear all drains lines (including gutters, roofs and roof lines, and drainpipes) at the beginning of the season and as needed throughout winter to prevent damage to your building, as well as reduce safety hazards to your guests.
  • Remove any snow and/or ice from walkways, using salt if needed. Accidents which occur on your property present an enormous liability.
  • Check and wrap any exposed pipes – these can burst in cold weather, putting your building at risk for water damage as well as limiting the access that employees and customers have to water in restrooms.
  • Keep your customers informed – In addition to regular business hours, have a plan in place for notifying customers and employees if your business is closed in case of a winter emergency.  Your communication plan should include websites and social media, as well as possibly utilizing email or a radio announcement. When determining whether you should open your doors, always place the safety of your customers and employees first.

Emergency Roof Repair

Even though you may feel prepared for winter, big storms in the St. Louis area can wreak havoc in ways such as power outages or large volumes of snow or ice forcing an emergency roof repair. Creating a winter crisis preparedness plan can help reduce stress for all involved by keeping them informed of changes in business hours and/or necessary actions steps (in the case of employees).

Lastly, making sure you have adequate insurance to cover emergency repairs can bring peace of mind when those big storms come, and can help you to make more conservative decisions when it comes to opening your doors on a stormy winter day.

If you have an emergency that needs addressing, know that Jewett Roofing offers a 24/7 emergency roof repair line.  We are committed to prompt and thorough action to prevent your business’ assets from the effects of roof damage.