commercial roof maintenance plans, executed with stringent safety standars

Jewett Roofing provides commercial roof maintenance, protecting your building assets and prolonging the life of your commercial or industrial roof. Our stringent safety standards are second to none.

Why Safety Is Our Priority

Like many other construction workers, roofing contractors are at risk from falling from heights. This poses a liability for both the roofing contractor, the company they represent, and the business on whose property the accident takes place.

It is imperative that contractors observe stringent health and safety policies and procedures while on the job. Considerations of safety measures when hiring roofing contractors will essentially reduce or eliminate the risk of liability.

How to Prevent a Safety Concern

Proactive measures can be taken to avoid these costs by ensuring that the roofing contractor that you choose is sufficiently licensed and bonded, and  trained on safety procedures. Hiring trained workers on safety protocols will go a long way in mitigating work-related injuries while preventing unnecessary roof repairs or even replacements in the near future.

What to Look For When Checking Safety Standards

Look for a company that incorporates project-specific safety plans, new hire safety training, disciplinary procedures as well as internal and external site inspections. Ensure that their training programs fulfill the OSHA regulations.

The safety policies & training for Jewett Roofing in the St Louis area include:

Protection from Falls
Respirator Program
Fire Protection
OSHA Compliance
Hazards Communication
Personal Protective Equipment
Code of Safety
First Aid Arrangements

At Jewett Roofing, we have a fully trained, experienced and qualified team of contractors.

We have access to appropriate equipment, designed to minimize risks to both the occupants of the business premises as well as the roofing team. We have worked on a wide variety of roofs in St Louis, giving our roofers the requisite experience necessary for practicing safety techniques effectively.

If you have more questions on how our great team works to make your flat roofing project a worthwhile investment, give us a call today.

Jewett Roofing Safety Procedures & OSHA Compliance