leaks in industrial roofing

In St. Louis, many problems, such as leaks in industrial roofing, appear in the springtime, after a long winter of freeze-thaw cycles have taken their toll. Flat roofs are particularly susceptible to leakage and ponding.

Many coating products can be used to effect repairs and provide a temporary solution. They can also be used to extend the lifespan of roof, but should not be considered a new roof system.

Ice Damage

Roof coating can protect your roof from ice damage. When water gets into a crack and freezes, it will expand and cause damage.  With each additional freeze-thaw that occurs, the crack will expand, leading to an increased possibility of leaks. Coatings seal cracks and prevent this from occurring.

Old Roof Protection

After extended exposure to the elements, some types of commercial or industrial roofing can become brittle. Once this happens, the roofing system will have a harder time keeping out the weather. Over time, water may find its way in, jeopardizing the structure of your roof, your insulation, and ultimately the contents of your business.

The proper roof coating applied by professionals can help protect your roof from the effects of old age until a new roof can be installed.

Water Protection

Where applicable, a roof coating can put a band-aid on recurring problems associated with the freeze-thaw cycles and protect against rain or ponding.  It can easily be applied around sources of water leakage (HVAC equipment or vents).

There are a variety of ways to repair industrial and commercial roofing in the St Louis area.

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Flat Roof Repair & Maintenance Options