Ok, so no roof can last “forever” – but we wish they could!

Roofs are an important part of any commercial or residential building – when properly maintained, their lifetime can last decades. Flat roofs can have a long life span in the St Louis area, but will need roof evaluation to ensure this remains the case. Below are some tips that will help ensure that your flat roof lasts:

flat roof evaulation st louis area

Ponding Prevention

This term refers to water that accumulates on flat roofs. Commercial flat roofs are built with a slight slope to allow for drainage so that water that is accumulating is directed to the gutters. Ponding occurs when this slope is not engineered correctly, or when there is blockage somewhere on the roof. It is important that areas prone to ponding are identified to prevent future leaks. Find a professional roofer who will be able to remedy the problem.

Clean Gutters

They need to be cleared periodically as they have been designed to flow the water away from your roof to the ground. If blocked, water that should have drained will collect on the roof, causing damage.

Examine Flashing

These are made of metal and provide an additional layer of protection where seams are present – around any objects that protrude from the flat roof top. Since flashing can become damaged or corrode over time, it must be inspected and maintained (or replaced) to ensure that no water leaks through the vulnerable seams.

Roof Sealing

Exposure to weather can make the materials of your roof chalk making them brittle making the seam crack or split. With regular inspections, we can tell if your roof will need another sealant coating.

Commercial flat roofs can be expensive, but with semiannual maintenance and evaluations these roofs can last a long time.

Contact Jewett Roofing if you have any questions – we have many options available for your flat roofing needs throughout the St Louis area.

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