present for commercial roofing bossAn important question many people think about at this time of year involves what to get The Boss for Christmas. After all, your boss has everything he needs, right? Would a lighthearted, fun gift would be better than a practical one?

Of course, you have heard your boss complaining about with the onset of winter, along with the freeze-thaw cycles that are prevalent here in St. Louis this time of year. That time of the year when  commercial roofing freezes, thaws, and then freezes again…leading to thermal shock and premature roof failure. Yes, a practical yet lighthearted gift could be just what he needs to deal with the frustration of winter’s effect on his business.


Whatever you decide upon, here are 10 tips to keep in mind when  buying a gift for your boss this holiday season:

  1. Know your company’s policies on gift-giving. Some employee handbooks expressly limit or prohibit gift-giving.
  2. Don’t spend an exorbitant amount. This could make it seem as though you are looking for favoritism or that giving a gift was something you felt obligated to do.
  3. Avoid giving personal gifts. This includes cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, etc. (An ugly sweater could be a tasteful, humorous gift.)
  4. Make it appropriate.  If the gift you give could not be appropriately shown to children, it is most likely in bad taste.
  5. Avoid giving cash.  (For some reason, gift cards to a favorite restaurant or store are perfectly acceptable.)
  6. Don’t make a big deal out of it.  Try not to be ostentatious in the presentation of your boss’ gift so as not to attract too much attention to yourself.
  7. Make it a group effort. Whenever possible, take up donations and make your gift from the group rather than from yourself personally.
  8. Never send gifts directly to your boss’s home. Always present them in person at work.
  9. Keep away from handmade gifts. Knitted scarves or sweaters could reveal that an exorbitant amount of time went into the preparation of the gift. Homemade baked goods are typically fine, provided your boss does not have an allergy to any of the ingredients.
  10. No gift is better than the wrong one. If you cannot decide on the “perfect” gift, you may be better off not giving one at all – or a simple, classic, acceptable greeting card.

Here at Jewett Roofing Company, we know how stressful the holidays can be for you and your boss (particularly if the freeze-thaw cycle causes damage to your commercial roofing). Giving the right gift at Christmastime can help eliminate some of the holiday stress, and make getting through a treacherous St. Louis winter much easier.

If you suspect your commercial roofing needs an inspection to check for needed repairs, or if you would like to set up a regular maintenance program for it, contact Jewett Roofing.

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