When you suspect that your commercial roof is failing, prompt action is called for. As soon as you see signs of deterioration, steps should be taken because most likely what you see is only part of the problem, and additional deterioration is going on elsewhere. To avoid major damage, consider the commercial roof repair options below.

Warning signs of failure

  • Membrane punctures – wearing away of the membrane can occur when there’s been frequent traffic on the rooftop
  • Blistering – surface problems like blistering, erosion and splitting can lead to greater difficulties with the roof, and can accelerate aging
  • Rusting – over time, weather can cause the edge metal to rust or deteriorate, which compromises structural integrity, especially around the edging material
  • Water infiltration – this can destroy the roof’s membrane, and penetrate to the building interior, causing additional damage
  • Missing fasteners – sometimes nails are used that are not appropriate on edging metal, and can become loose enough to eventually fall out

Options for commercial roof repair

  • Repair – assuming your commercial roof is not already 15 or 20 years old, repair may be the simplest and least expensive option. If the membrane is still intact and insulation is good, quality repair work can actually extend the life of your commercial roof considerably. For instance, an innovative program we’ve developed at Jewett Roofing of St. Louis, MO, offers the services of two roofing specialists for a full day to fix every problem on your roof for one flat fee, known right at the start
  • Re-covering – if your roof is basically sound and well insulated, re-covering is a good option, as long as you have not previously re-covered it
  • Coating – coating the roof is much less expensive than re-covering it, and will reinforce protection against leakage and save on energy bills
  • Replacement – if you expect to occupy your current building far into the future, a complete roof replacement may be a good investment. This is generally the best option in cases where you have already re-covered your roof once, or your roof system has sustained damage of 25% or more

Which option is best?

As can be seen from the above, you do have options when your commercial roof is failing. Call us at Jewett Roofing today for a roof assessment, and let us discuss which approach would be best for your situation.

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