How to Make Your Commercial Roof Last for 40 YearsYour roof is the protective umbrella covering your commercial property. It prevents water leaks and mold development that would damage your building’s underlying systems and indoor environmental conditions (IAQ). So, you certainly want your roof to last a long time without any problems, but do you know the steps to take? Keep reading to learn how roof maintenance plans can help reduce roof repairs and extend your roof’s service life to 40 years young!

A Day in the Life of Your Commercial Roof

Whether enduring UV rays, humidity, wind-blown rain, hail or freezing temperatures, your commercial roof is exposed to the elements every minute of every day and night of the year. There are milder days, of course. Then, there are days of flying debris, and technicians walking across the surface to service HVAC and other building systems.

Yet, since your roof is out of sight, it’s very easy to overlook regular maintenance and take for granted the essential role that it plays in protecting your property investment.

Roof Maintenance Plans

Now that you’ve considered the extent of pressure your roof is under on a daily basis, consider the age-old adage “the straw that broke the camel’s back.” However, when it comes to roof maintenance, think “preventive.” The problem with leaky roofs isn’t the last “straw” or the last drop of water breaching the roofing membrane; the problem begins with the first drop of water.

In other words, a roof must be weatherproofed and maintained from day one forward. Barring flying debris or natural disasters, if you take care of your roof, it should last beyond the typical service life estimates for commercial roofing systems.

Early detection of problems and applying corrective measures is critical. Implement a preventive maintenance program to eliminate common causes and conditions responsible for countless roofing problems and wasted assets.

Look for a commercial roofing contractor with extensive experience and documented success for servicing, maintaining and installing the following roofing systems:

  • Metal roofs
  • PVC
  • EPDM (rubber)
  • TPO
  • Modified bitumen
  • BUR

Additionally, if you have installed high-reflective commercial roofing materials, maintaining your roofing system and keeping it clean maximizes its energy efficiency and UV-reflective properties for which it was designed.

Take care of your commercial roof and it will take care of your commercial property investments. To discuss roof maintenance plans with St. Louis’s premiere commercial roofing company, contact Jewett Roofing Company today!