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Case Study: Preventative Maintenance

June 10, 2015

Jewett Roofing offers comprehensive commercial roof repair and preventative maintenance services.   Our technicians are skilled at identifying and correcting both existing and potential threats to your roofs integrity.

Before Roof Maintenance

Jewett Roofing technicians were recently called out by a facility manager to perform some maintenance on an aging Duro-Last roof near St. Louis, MO. The roof section they were directed to was located in the middle of a horseshoe shaped building. Over the years the swirling wind had deposited a surprising amount of dirt and organic matter which was clogging the drains and making the roof a real eyesore.

In fact there was so much debris on the the roof that in several areas patches of grass had sprouted. Even a few small trees had taken root! The drains did not drain properly and there was standing water on the roof, perfect breeding grounds for biting mosquitoes!

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During the Cleanup Process

The Jewett crew went to work pushing water, shoveling mud, and removing all the unwelcome vegetation from the roof.  As they worked, they found several large spiral cracks which would have gone unnoticed otherwise, until they started leaking! Our techs addressed the issues they found while they were on the roof and headed off a potential headache for the customer.

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Still Water Tight

It took 25 garbage bags to remove all of the dirt and material from the roof!  At the end of the day, this customer was left with a clean roof that drains properly and will  continue performing for some time.


If you would like to schedule a preventative maintenance inspection with Jewett Roofing call our office :

St. Louis at (314) 748-1020 or in Illinois at 618-664-2346.

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