There are very few people who deny that an eco-friendly lifestyle is a good thing. The problem, however, is this: Proponents of the “Green Movement” spend increased quantities of time and money researching and investing in organic options that will minimize their carbon footprint.

Everyone receives the pressure to ?Go Green,? but this endeavor is often threatened by the associated costs. For a business owner or manager, how can you participate in an eco-conscious practice without jeopardizing the fiscal success of the company you represent?

There are a variety of cost-efficient eco-friendly options, available to you through a little bit of research. Our workers here at Jewett Roofing would like to draw your attention to an area that you may not have considered before: ?green roofing.?


Having a green roof used to mean that your roofing structure was being consumed by moss, algae, and other unwelcome little monsters. Now, having a green roof is a positive sign of progressive technology.

Green Materials

Many roofing manufacturers are able to provide eco-friendly roofing materials. Contact a trusted commercial roofing contractor for more information on the options and their nuances provided by the various manufacturers.

Of course, if you are going to commit to Going Green, why stop at the materials themselves?

Solar Roofing

Solar Panels, which were once expensive novelties without much practical application, have been developed and improved exponentially in the past few decades. Their untapped potential as a source of renewable energy is being researched daily, and finds new areas for use in everyday life. (Prime example: the Strawberry Tree.)

Solar roofing (known to the roofing industry as a photovoltaic system) can be installed on almost any roofing system. On commercial roofing, they can be mounted on racks or adhered directly to the roof?s surface.

There are two basic benefits that they provide:

  1. Energy Source: Solar roofing offers an efficient source of renewable energy to help offset the costs of a commercial building. It can be integrated with your current energy system in a few different ways – the details of which can be discussed with your roofing contractor and local energy company.
  2. Natural Coolant: The values of converting the sun?s rays into an energy source also offers the benefit of preventing much of the day?s heat from reaching the building itself – translating into a lessened energy demand for energy. it utilizes energy, and prevents much of the sun?s heat from reaching the building

Sound too good to be true? Talk to the professionals at Jewett Roofing for more information on how Green Commercial Roofing works to your advantage. Jewett Roofing, serving St. Louis, Greenville, and the surrounding area, can help you decide whether solar roofing is the right decision for your company.

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