There are some lines that no business owner, manager, or custodian wants to hear. Things like:

  • ?That looks like water damage on the ceiling.?
  • ?You know the storm that tore through here last night? Well??
  • ?We might need to rework the budget…the utility bill is higher than anticipated?
  • ?Has our flat roofing always looked like that??

Any one of these indicates the onset of a headache. Even if your building is brand new, recently inspected and built to code, any type of weathering here in the area of Greenville may bring about an issue that boldly and urgently demands a place on the task and budget list.

flat roofing
Since repair and replacements always seem to be more costly than anticipated, it is time to start using preventative measures to save valuable funds.

Here are 3 basic principles to get you started:

  1. Know your building/structure. Take the time to learn the basic codes and overall condition of the structure. Whether the building is old or new, set aside a block of time to understand what you are working with. In the event of a problem, you will be familiar with the risk attached and able to make a more informed decision.
  2. Budget for Prevention. Instead of withholding funds until emergency demands them in excess, choose a 5-year plan for maintaining (and improving) your building?s condition. Use smaller, budgeted increments for your building?s needs.
  3. Limit your DIY. We all like to save money with a little DIY. Although the costs associated with many projects can be offset with the help of a local handyman or DIY tutorial, there are some situations when the work of an un-certified contractor can actually void a manufacturer?s warranty. The extra cost of hiring a qualified contractor is well worth it when compared with a possible voided warranty of flat roofing.

Although you yourself may not have the time to research the applicable building codes, warranties, and available products for your business, reach out to local professionals such as Jewett Roofing, who serve Greenville and the surrounding area, and care about quality and doing the job right the first time.

Contact Jewett Roofing for all of your flat roofing needs.