Benefits of H.E.R. Sealant for Metal Roofing Restoration

Even though the metal roof on your commercial building is a strong, durable material, it can start to develop surface rust and leaks with long-term exposure to the elements. Seasonal temperature fluctuations can loosen and weaken fasteners, and the yearly barrage of rain, ice, snow, and harsh UV rays can eat away at the manufacturer’s protective finish. If you want to protect the asset and avoid future repairs and water damage, you need to learn more about metal roofing restoration using H.E.R sealant.

What is H.E.R?

Commercial Roof Repair

H.E.R. is a moisture-cure, polyurethane sealant created for use with the ERSystems® metal roof restoration solution. Flashing-grade H.E.R provides superior adhesion to metal and forms a tough, water-tight membrane that bends and stretches with the roof. Applying H.E.R is one of the four key steps in a metal roof restoration. First, the roof is cleaned and prepared. Second, any corroded areas are treated with rust-inhibiting primer. Third, H.E.R is applied to seal all penetrations, fasteners, and seams. Finally, the roof gets two coats of reflective finish to form a durable, weather-resistant barrier.

Benefits of Using H.E.R on Your Metal Roof

Having H.E.R applied on your commercial building’s roof offers a number of benefits:

Repairing a Seal on Your Commercial Roof

  • Stops leaks and water intrusions. H.E.R is applied as a fluid, so it conforms to any shape to effectively seal areas where leaks often occur, such as around penetrations, flashing, seams, fasteners, gutters, and curbs. Preventing moisture intrusions in these vulnerable areas lessens the risk of water damage to the structure and its contents.
  • Prevent moisture retention. Sealing leaks with fabric-reinforced restoration products that “tent” leaves space for condensation to form and weaken the repair. With fluid-applied H.E.R, there’s no place for moisture to get trapped, so repairs are less likely to fail.
  • Extend the asset’s service life. Stopping moisture infiltration by sealing the roof with H.E.R can bring your roof back to its original, weather-tight condition (or even better) and extend its useful lifespan.
  • Significant time and cost savings. Sealing and restoring your metal roof costs a lot less than a replacement, and it’s an investment that brings you both immediate and long-term returns. H.E.R is fast and easy to spray and brush on, too, so it saves time and there’s less disruption to your business or tenants.

To learn more about H.E.R. and the benefits of metal roofing restoration for your St. Louis-area commercial property, contact us at Jewett Roofing.