Avoid These 3 Problems on Your Industrial Roof

As the owner or facilities manager of a St. Louis building, you have enough to worry about without adding industrial roofing problems to the mix. Avoid these three industrial roofing problems St. Louis businesses have shared with Jewett Roofing and learn from others’ mistakes.

1. Neglect

Failure to keep a calendar of routine inspection and maintenance on your industrial roof can lead to not just roofing failure, but a business closing. Do not neglect your roof. If you only call up your local commercial roofer when you suspect a leak, you have waited too long.

Industrial roofing is a complex, integrated system. Each part needs inspection and regular upkeep so your roof sheds water, prevents leaks, and preserves your business. Extend the life of your industrial roof with annual inspection, minor repair work, and scheduled maintenance.

2. Lost Dollars

A roof may not strike you as a profit center, but it can do far more than just sit there. You can avoid spending money needlessly on your roof if you wisely invest in it at the right time, with the right materials, and the right commercial roofer.

Spray on coatings, for example, can not only extend the life of any industrial roof, but also actually lower cooling costs by reflecting infrared radiation. Give some thought and planning to cool roofing, green roofing. or solar panels as ways to return revenue to your industrial building.

3. Tourists

A St. Louis industrial roof, whether low slope or steep slope, is no place for casual visitors. This means logging legitimate visits to the roof and recording where the visitors walked.

Nobody should be going onto the roof “just to look around.” Discourage office building occupants from going up top by keeping access doors locked. Post signs warning of consequences for rooftop trespassing.

Workers, of course, may have good reasons to gain rooftop access, but they can do damage, too. Ballast can get disturbed by a careless step; single-ply membrane can tear. When visitors keep to walkways, you have less of a chance for problems, but workers repairing an HVAC system, for example, could do damage to seams or interior drains. The nice folks fixing your radio mast could tear up the roofing plies.

Jewett Roofing can be your St. Louis partner in problem solving. Contact us today to learn how we can help prevent or repair all types of industrial roofing problems.