4 Smart Ways to Delay Roof Capital Expenditures Now

Tearing off and replacing the roof on your commercial property is a capital expenditure that must be depreciated over a period of 27.5 years. In contrast, roof maintenance and repairs are generally classified as business expenses that you can deduct in a single year. Here are some effective ways to delay the costly capital expenditure of a new roof until it’s really necessary:

Change Your Approach to Roof Asset Management

Putting your commercial roof maintenance and repairs on a set timetable like other building assets is a costly mistake that can result in a premature replacement. In contrast to other assets, the roof’s condition is continually changing due to factors beyond your control, like issues with the original installation workmanship, a lack of effective maintenance, incorrect repairs, foot traffic, degradation from UV radiation, the effect of our yearly freeze/thaw cycles, and general wear and tear. To avoid a replacement as long as possible, you need to adopt a proactive management approach based on the roof’s current condition.

Put Your Roof in the Hands of an Experienced Professional

Your staff may be perfectly capable of handling many aspects of building maintenance and repairs, but your roof needs expert care. Periodic roof assessments, in-depth maintenance and any needed repairs should be completed by a trained and experienced professional, since it takes specialized skills to keep the roof in the best possible condition and maximize its useful lifespan.

Have the Roof Inspected Regularly

Regular spring and fall roof inspections are a key part of a proactive care plan to delay capital expenditures. The report you’ll receive after each inspection provides you with a snapshot of the roof’s condition, and recommendations and a timeline so you keep up with necessary maintenance and repairs.

Plan for Roof Maintenance, Repairs and Restoration

Rather than trying to eliminate all the expenses associated with roof care, it’s better to factor the cost of routine maintenance, minor repairs and restorative coatings into your budget. By spending these amounts as needed, you’ll help the asset reach its full lifespan and avoid an early replacement. You can use the information in your inspection reports along with the advice of your roofer to prioritize critical repairs and preventive measures on an ongoing basis.
For expert help developing a commercial roof maintenance and repair strategy for your St. Louis property that can let you delay a capital expenditure, contact us at Jewett Roofing.