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Safety and Commercial Roof Maintenance

July 10, 2017

Safety and commercial roofing

Jewett Roofing provides commercial roof maintenance in order to protect your building assets and prolong the life of your commercial or industrial roof. We make sure that our safety standards are maintained, stringent and second to none.

Why Safety Is Our Priority

Like all construction fields, roofing contractors and their employees are at risk for injury, such as falling from hights. This risk poses a liability for the roofing contractor, the company they represent, and the business on whose property the accident takes place.

It is imperative that contractors observe stringent health and safety policies and procedures while on the job.

Consider the company’s record of adherence to a strict set of safety measures before hiring roofing contractors and you will be able to reduce or essentially eliminate your risk of liability.

  • How to Prevent a Safety Concern

Proactive measures can be taken to avoid liability costs. By ensuring that the roofing contractor you choose is sufficiently licensed and bonded, as well as  trained on safety procedures you should sleep more easily at night.

Hiring workers that are thouroughly  trained in safety protocols will go a long way towards mitigating the costs of any work-related injuries while also preventing unnecessary roof repairs or even replacements in the near future.

  • What to Look For When Checking Safety Standards

Look for a commercial roofing company that incorporates project-specific safety plans, new hire safety training, disciplinary procedures as well as internal and external site inspections. Make sure that their training programs fulfill the OSHA regulations.

The safety policies & training for Jewett Roofing in the St Louis area include:

– Protection from Falls
– Respirator Program
– Fire Protection
– OSHA Compliance
– Hazards Communication
– Personal Protective Equipment
– Code of Safety
– First Aid Arrangements

At Jewett Roofing, we have a fully trained, experienced and highly qualified team of contractors that will make, not only sure your project is done right, but also that it is done as safely as possible for all who are involved.

We have access to the appropriate equipment that is specifically designed to minimize risks to both the occupants of the business premises as well as the roofing team. We have worked on a wide variety of roofs in St Louis, giving our roofers the experience necessary for practicing safety techniques effectively.

If you have more questions on how our team works to make your flat roofing project a worthwhile investment, contact Jewett Roofing today.

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