Roof Maintenance Doesn't Have to Be a Pain -- Make It Easy

Has any property manager ever come to work and wondered, “How will I fill up all this spare time?” St. Louis is a vibrant and pulsing commercial hub, and its continually changing weather takes a toll on industrial and commercial buildings. The kind of industrial roof maintenance St. Louis property managers would like to do is often far more than what time, budgets or staffing allows. Here are four simple strategies to make industrial roof maintenance easy.

Use a Calendar

Stay on top of regular inspections and routine maintenance by using a calendar to remind yourself of semiannual appointments. Stay in touch with your local commercial roofer so you and your roofer know when to plan inspection visits, schedule follow-up repairs, or strategize for industrial roof replacement.

Do not overlook the seasons. Fall and spring are ideal times for semiannual inspections, while summer is optimum for extensive repairs. Have a plan in place for snow removal for winter, too.

Find Your Warranties

Whose office files are flawless? Certainly not ours at Jewett Roofing, but we highly recommend prioritizing valuable papers. Rooftop warranties are important for your records. Because you partner with a strong, local commercial roofer, you have evidence that proper industrial roof maintenance has been ongoing on your St. Louis property. This helps keep your manufacturer’s warranty in force. Many industrial roofing manufacturers warrant not only their product, but installation, too.

Keep a Roof Log Book

In the same file drawer where you store your warranties, keep a running log book of who visits your roof, for what purpose and where they worked. Feet and roofs are not compatible, so knowing the HVAC repair technician was working on the northeast corner for two days can help alert you to potential problem spots emerging from that work.

Keep Drains Clear

With due regard for crew safety, regularly dispatch workers to your industrial roof to keep internal and scupper drains clear. This can prevent:

  • Ponding
  • Insulation compression
  • Water infiltration
  • Vegetation
  • Pest invasion

Ensure your crew is conscious of the potential for rooftop damage from their own work boots, but do make regular industrial roof maintenance part of your weekly routine.
Jewett Roofing is proud to serve the greater St. Louis area, and to provide a wide range of roofing services for commercial and industrial building owners. Please contact us if you need inspection, consultation, roof replacement or annual maintenance.