Make your commercial roof last in St. Louis

The roof on your commercial property represents a substantial investment, and you need to make it last as long as possible to maximize your ROI. Since it sits fully exposed to the elements, developing a comprehensive commercial roof maintenance strategy is essential to keep it in the best condition possible. You can accomplish this and help your roof last longer by taking these steps:

Develop a Relationship With an Experienced Commercial Roofing Contractor

A reputable local roofer who has experience with your specific type of roof system is an invaluable ally who can give you sound advice and provide expert services to help you maintain your commercial roof.

Schedule Regular Inspections

To keep your roof in good repair, have your contractor perform in-depth inspections twice a year, and after any major weather event that may have damaged the roof. A thorough inspection should cover the roofing membrane, drainage system and all flashed areas including penetrations and edges. You should expect a report after each inspection that details any issues that should be addressed, along with a timeline and cost breakdown for needed repairs.

Prioritize Routine Maintenance

Your contractor can advise you on the particular maintenance tasks you should tackle regularly to help extend the life of your roof system. Such maintenance often includes clearing accumulated debris and vegetation growth from the roof field, making sure that rainwater is flowing freely through the drains and downspouts, cleaning up any areas of ponding water after a rain, and keeping nearby trees trimmed back.

Make Needed Repairs Promptly

To ensure that your roof system lasts as long as possible and avoid any potential damage to your building’s interior, it’s vital to take care of any repairs noted in your inspection report according to your contractor’s recommended timeline.

Plan Ahead for Unexpected Repairs

When you’re budgeting for necessary roof maintenance, be sure to include funds for unexpected repairs. Your contractor can help you decide on a reasonable amount to set aside based on the roof’s age and overall condition.

Keep Up-to-Date Maintenance Records

Keep all of your roof-related documentation organized and readily accessible so you and your roofer can keep track of what’s been done and what’s needed. Include your inspection reports, records for maintenance and repairs, equipment installations and your manufacturer’s warranty.

For expert help establishing an effective commercial roof maintenance plan for your St. Louis property, contact us today at Jewett Roofing.