Getting the Most from Your Fixed Price Roof Maintenance ProgramRoutine roof maintenance will prolong the life of your roof. A maintenance program will allow for roof inspections on a regular basis and after major storms.

Wind, rain, hail and the ultra-violet rays of the sun can damage commercial and residential roofs. Jewett Roofing specializes in industrial and commercial roof maintenance with our exclusive Two Men for a Day program.

The Two Men for a Day spend eight hours at your facility for a fixed price. They look for loose wall flashings, cuts, tears, splits, holes, punctures and leaks in the roof surface. They will repair anything that looks suspicious.

We look for these problems that can lead to leaks in the underlayment and ceilings on flat and low pitch roofs. We work with:

  • Metal roofs
  • Modified bitumen
  • Built-up roofs
  • Rubber – EPDM
  • PVC and TPO materials

This customized maintenance program for your roof includes repairs using the best products for your roofing materials. Your roofs are also cleaned during a maintenance inspection and they can be weatherized.

The program can also be used for a half day for smaller buildings.

Weather damage

Roofs of all types can be damaged in wet windy wather but debris can land on the roof at anytime. Sun weathers some roofing materials.

Flat roofs often hold standing water after a heavy rainstorm, the type that strikes the Midwest any time of year. This water should evaporate within 48 hours after the storm has ended.
Standing or ponding water can leak through pinholes into the ceiling, causing water damage. This can occur even on sloped roofs. Water weighs about five pounds per inch per square foot. This adds extra weight to the roof, causing it to sag if the water does not evaporate. A sagging roof can pick up more water in the next rainstorm. Too much water on a roof can result in a potentially harmful cave in.

The Two Men for a Day program includes inspections for standing water. The air conditioning unit, drain lines and gutters are part of the inspection. Any damage caused by the puddles is immediately repaired to prevent roof leaking. Loose drains and gutters are reattached when necessary.

Contact us at Jewett Roofing in St. Louis, MO and Greenville, IL for more information on our fixed-price Two Men for a Day program. This is the most thorough roof maintenance plan for your commercial building.

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