decra roof stone coated metal roofing
Religious and social organizations have had to rely on residential grade fiberglass-asphalt shingles for that welcoming, homey look for their roofs. The other common option—vertical seam metal—can leave St. Louis houses of worship looking like houses for horses. But now, with Decra stone coated metal roofing, your association, church or synagogue can have the charm of shakes, tiles or shingles combined with the lifetime durability of metal. 

1 – Extra Savings

The only place your religious or social group will find extra money is by reading those very words in this article. At Jewett, we know that no organization in the St. Louis area is sitting on a pile of cash, wondering how best to burn through it. Stone coated metal roofing offers the beauty of shakes, tile or shingles and backs that beauty up with long-lasting, economical metal.

Shingle roofs must be replaced roughly every 20 years. Using Decra stone coated metal roofing, your church or synagogue can avoid major outlays for roof work for many decades. Regular roof maintenance preserves your group’s funds.

2 – Styles and Colors

A church or temple must have a roof, whether plain or fancy. With Decra’s stone coated metal roofing, your organization can choose from several attractive styles, each with attractive color options:

Tile—in ten beautiful colors
Villa Tile—choose from five colors
Shake—available in seven warm tones
Shake XD—in two earth tones
Shingle—select from five colors
Shingle XD—in four colors

3 – Lifetime Limited Warranty

Decra’s Lifetime Limited Warranty preserves your group’s investment while your new stone coated metal roofing protects your parishioners for generations.  Your building is protected against:

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Blow-offs in winds up to 120 miles per hour
  • Hail damage (cracks, splits or penetration)

This warranty does not extend for 20 years—it lasts the lifetime of your St. Louis church’s roof.

4 – Composition

Each Decra shingle, tile or shake is made by pressure-forming durable steel, then coating it with an aluminum-zinc alloy. Topping that is the acrylic-bonded stone chip finish in your choice of colors and textures.

With Decra interlocking metal, your association’s roofing will never curl, break, crack, warp or split. Contact Jewett Roofing today to see how stone coated metal roofing can benefit your house of worship.

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