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Roof Maintenance Best Left to the Pros, and Why

December 21, 2017

Roof Maintenance Best Left to the Pros, and Why

As an experienced commercial building owner or manager, you likely already know the importance of regular roof maintenance. If you’re looking for ways to reduce overhead and improve your bottom line, though, you might consider tasking your building’s maintenance staff with your roof upkeep. While your staff can handle some tasks, others are best left to a trusted commercial roofing pro. Here are different essential aspects of roof maintenance that your roofer should handle, and why:

Membrane Care

While your maintenance crew can easily identify major membrane flaws, it takes the experienced eyes of a trained roofer to spot the early signs of deterioration on the roof field that need attention, like wear, cracks, tears, seam separations, missing/ lose mechanical fasteners, shrinkage and blistering. Your roofer should always handle repairs for such issues to ensure that the right materials and techniques are used to avoid causing unintentional harm and new or worse leaks.

Drainage System

Your staff can and should clear debris from the internal drains and scuppers and make regular checks that rainwater is draining off the rooftop and flowing out the downspouts efficiently, but only a skilled roofer should investigate any problems with backed-up drains or ponding water. A roofing pro knows how to test the drainage system to determine why water isn’t being carried off the roof properly, such as a blockage, inadequately-sized drains, insufficient slope or another drainage-related issue, and your roofing pro will advise you regarding what’s necessary to get the problem resolved.

Flashing and Seals

Sometimes, the only signs of flashing or seal defects that your maintenance employees might notice are leaks, water stains or musty odors inside the building’s interior. Finding and making sound repairs to flaws around your roof’s various flashed areas, or defects in the seals that keep rooftop penetrations and equipment installations watertight, takes training and expertise, so these are tasks best left to your roofing professional.

Periodic Cleaning

Your roofer will likely advise you to have your maintenance staff keep nearby trees trimmed and the roof free of debris, but leave in-depth membrane cleaning to an experienced pro. When the proper methods and products are used to clean the roof periodically, it can make identifying deficiencies easier, ensure maximum energy efficiency and keep potentially harmful pollution accumulations and rooftop vegetation, mold, mildew and algae growth in check.

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