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Plan Your 2018 Roof Maintenance Now

December 28, 2017

Plan Your 2018 Roof Maintenance Now

The start of a new year is an opportunity to take steps to better protect your commercial building against leaks and other preventable damage and help you get the greatest possible ROI from your roofing asset. You can achieve both of these goals by planning your 2018 roof maintenance strategy now and making sure it includes the following items:

Scheduling Regular Professional Roof Inspections

For effective roof maintenance, you need to schedule spring and fall in-depth inspections by an local commercial roofer with considerable experience working with your type of roof system. If you have reason to believe the roof has sustained any damage from severe weather or a storm, be prepared to have your roofer perform an additional inspection to prevent more extensive harm or water leaks that ruin the insulation or structural components, or that damage the building’s interior or contents.

Prioritizing Routine Roof Care Tasks

An experienced roofer can also provide you with guidance on key roof maintenance tasks that your staff should complete on a routine basis throughout the year. These might include clearing debris from the roof field, drains, scuppers and downspouts, squeegeeing away pooling water that doesn’t drain away within 48 hours after a rain, and performing cursory checks for damage on the rooftop or signs of water intrusions inside the building.

Addressing Roof Issues Promptly

The report you receive after every inspection should detail any roof deficiencies found, as well as provide you with a timeline and cost estimates for repairs or preservation actions, such as applying an appropriate roof coating. By following your roofing pro’s recommendations and schedule, you’ll find it easier to budget for roof care throughout the year, and also reduce outlays for unexpected emergency repairs related to deferred maintenance and repairs.

Keeping Accurate, Up-to-Date Roofing Records

Having up-to-date records available can give your roofing professional invaluable insight into the overall condition and potential lifespan of your roof, as well as help them identify areas where issues might arise going forward. If possible, set up a file that contains the original roofing plan, any structural changes made, equipment installations, material replacements and manufacturer warranty documentation, and previous repairs. Then, add in checklists for in-house maintenance, new roof inspection reports, paperwork on repairs and preservation actions on an ongoing basis.

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