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EPDM Repair

Cut / Puncture

Punctures can come from almost any source, whether it’s falling tree branches, hail strikes, or A careless HVAC repairma.

Failed Existing Repair

There are many times when a Jewett Roofing technician will encounter an existing attempted repair that has failed. In this picture I repair had been attempted with silicone caulk. This is not the recommended method for repairing and EPDM tear or puncture.

Seam Failure

As EPDM membrane ages, the membrane begins to shrink, pulling away from parapet walls. The aging and shrinking of the EPDM also causes constant pressure on this seams of the rubber membrane. We often see where the adhesive has failed and the overlap lifts up allowing water to enter the roof assembly.

Puncture Repair

EPDM cuts and punctures are repaired using adhesive backed EPDM patch. The existing membrane is first thoroughly cleaned then primed to ensure maximum adhesion. After the patch is fixed in place, sealant is applied around the edges to ensure that repair the lasts the lifetime of the roof.

Seam Repair


Jewett roofing technicians repair failed EPDM seams using rolls of high quality EPDM tape. The old membrane in is always thoroughly cleaned using a membrane cleaner, and a primer is applied to ensure that our repair lasts the maximum possible time.

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