leaks in industrial roofing

Leaks in Industrial Roofing

The whole reason to budget a new roof is that the old industrial roofing is already leaking, deteriorating or ready to fail. However, since we may be up on your business’s roof for a few days, we take precautions to ensure that your roof will not leak during one of our repairs.

At Jewett Roofing, we have several ways to prevent leaks on your company’s roof while we work. We reduce the risk—and your stress—with careful risk mitigation:

  • Weather eye—we avoid beginning tear-off if the weather hints at rain, and we constantly monitor weather patterns during work
  • Overwhelming numbers—we have large, experienced crews who work quickly and expertly to complete your reroofing job in the shortest time possible
  • High Technology—some small local roofers struggle to tackle commercial jobs; at Jewett, commercial jobs of every size are all we tackle; we have the equipment, trucks and technical support to do the job properly
  • Low Technology—no part of your company’s roof is left exposed to the elements, and we can lay down waterproof tarps to prevent leaks in industrial roofing as we work

Some roofing materials allow faster lay-down than others. We offer all the major methods:

  • Thermoplastic PolyolefinTPO
  • Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer—EPDM
  • Polyvinyl Chloride—PVC

Duro Last

We are also are proud to offer Duro Last prefabricated roofing. This greatly reduces the chance of leaks in industrial roofing during and after installation:

  • Your company’s roof is measured and a prefabricated roof membrane, with factory-welded seams, is custom-made
  • The prefabricated roof membrane installs more quickly than other roofing methods, greatly reducing exposure to the elements during installation; risks from leaks in industrial roofing are minimized
  • On-site seaming is done with hot-air welding, so even in the event of cold or damp weather, your company’s roof will not leak while we work


Sometimes we discover, during tear-off, that your roof’s insulation is already wet from existing roof failure. By contacting Jewett Roofing early in your decision-making process, you can give yourself the widest array of answers to leaks in industrial roofing, including complete roof replacement.

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