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Preventative Roof Maintenance

"Extend The Life of Your Commercial Roof With Roof Maintenance"

Replacing your existing roof is a costly project and one that needs time to prepare for. Jewett Roofing Company employs expert roofing technicians who are trained to repair and maintain all forms of commercial & industrial roofing. Repair & Maintenance can add years of life to your existing roofing system, allowing time to budget for complete replacement at a much later date.



Research has found that the lifespan of a roof system can often be greatly extended with proper maintenance and care. In fact, studies have shown that the typical roof with a reactive maintenance plan has a life span of about 13 years. The typical roof with a proactive maintenance plan lasts an incredible 8 years longer!

When a roof system is compromised, the leak often evades detection for months! By the time you see drips, your insulation may be saturated with water and your structure beginning to rust.
When water gets trapped inside a roof system a few different events are likely to occur:

  • The R-Value (how well the insulation performs) plummets. In the hot days of summer, the moisture acts as a heat repository and continues radiating into the building even after the sun goes down. Likewise, in the winter, water acts as a conductor, allowing heat to escape through the roof system.
  • Trapped water begins to corrode the metals inside the roof system. Rusted fasteners and decking can lose their hold and start popping loose. Popping fasteners are a common cause of premature system failure as they will wear through the waterproof membrane.

Either Scenario means big $$$ in repairs and replacement.

Still Asking Why?

Easter Sunday Disaster!

This customer called Jewett Roofing because their new roof (which was not installed by Jewett) was leaking. Water was cascading down the apartment walls of one of their tenants!

When the Jewett Technician arrived at the scene, he found the drains were clogged and the water 15″ deep in some places! It had begun flowing into the roof vents and flue pipes.

Leaves and debris were removed and the water was drained from the roof. However, this emergency could have easily been avoided with a little proactive maintenance.

How does it work?

Jewett Roofing Preventative Maintenance comes in four parts.


Jewett Roofing in Preventative maintenance is often performed during an annual inspection. During the inspection an experienced Jewett Repair Technician will systematically examine your roof for a broad range of roof deficiencies. All discovered faults will be photographed and categorized according to their severity and the urgency needed to remedy the deficiency.


After any Jewett Roofing inspection, a comprehensive report is generated and delivered to you, the customer.
Each Report includes:
• A roof condition summary of each section including overview pictures
• Pictures and descriptions of all deficiencies found.
• A quote to repair the deficiencies.
• Budget costs to maintain the roof for the next four years.


Should you authorize it, Jewett Roofing will repair any deficiencies in your roof. Jewett Roofing repair technicians rigorously adhere to industry standard repair techniques set out by the National Roofing Contractors Association.


All the information from our time on your roof is recorded in our secure online portal. You can access all of the information about your roof 24/7. You’ll be able to see Inspection Reports, Work Orders, Invoices, Roof Condition Scores, Photos of your roof, and other valuable information.


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