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Modified Bitumen Repair

Repairing Modified Bitumen Roofing

The basic process for repairing a modified bitumen roof is the same regardless of the type of damage done to the roof.

  • Once the penetration is identified, the Jewett Roofing technician applies a rubberized flashing cement¬†designed to permanently seal a modified bitumen roof.
  • The flashing cement is reinforced with layers of fiberglass mesh.
  • Once the seal is complete, a thin coating of roof granules matching the color of the roof is sprinkled over the top of the cement, both camouflaging the repair and ensuring the patch doesn’t deteriorate due to UV radiation.

Failed Seam

First the area is inspected and cleaned of any loose debris.

Seal with Rubberized Flashing Cement

Flashing cement is then liberally applied to ensure a complete seal.

Reapply Protective Granules

Protective granules are used to cover the new patch and help it blend with the rest of the roof.

Punctured membrane

First the area around the puncture is thoroughly inspected and cleaned of any loose debris.

Seal with Rubberized Flashing Cement

Next the roofing cement is carefully but deliberately applied around the area of the puncture. The fiberglass reinforcing mesh is sandwitched between layers of cement to provide a long-lasting repair.

Reapply Protective Granules

Finally granules are applied over the top of the repair to both camouflage and protect the repair.

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