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Commercial Roofing Coatings

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Commercial roof coatings, Industrial Roof Coating St. Louis

What are Commercial Roof Coatings?

Roof coatings can be a great way to extend the life of your roof .  Coatings  are not considered a roof system in and of themselves, rather they serve to extend the usable life of an existing roof system such as metal, EPDM, modified bitumen, TPO, PVC, or built-up roofs. A roof coating is a liquid material that is applied to the roof surface either by spray or by roller which enhances the ability of existing roof system to both shed rain and resist causes of roof deterioration such as UV radiation and heat.  There are many types of roof coating available on the market. Jewett roofing specializes in a class of coating known as polymer-based roof coatings. We specialize in acrylic and silicone coatings.

What’s In a Coating?

A binder is the substance that bonds all the other components of the roof coating together. Roof coatings are usually classified by the type of binder used in the coating. Acrylic and silicone are examples of binders used in roof coatings typically applied by Jewett Roofing.

Pigments are the materials within the coating that give the coating its characteristic color. Titanium dioxide is a very common pigment used to enhance UV resistance.

Fillers are materials in the roof coating that serve no other purpose than to provide bulk and weathering surface to the coating.

Modifiers are materials or chemicals added to the roof coating designed to give the roof coating a specific properties such as enhanced adhesion, viscosity, or durability.

The carrier is the liquid portion of the coating. The carrier evaporates from the coating once applied to the roof leaving behind the solid roof coating. Coatings are typically either water-based or solvent-based depending on the coating and it’s desired use case.

Roof Coating Process

Coating preparation depends largely on what type of existing roof system is to be coated.

In the case of a metal roof system, the roof is inspected for loose and missing fasteners as well as any flaws in the roof system that need to be repaired prior to the application of the roof coating. On single ply membranes, the roof is inspected for failing seams, or other deficiencies in the existing roof system that may need repaired.

Repairs are made to existing roof system and the surface is thoroughly cleaned using a pressure washer, and if necessary, an additional cleaning agent to ensure proper adhesion of the roof coating.

After the preparation of the roof surface when you roof coating is applied based on the manufacturer’s recommended application techniques. Sometimes the application requires multiple layers of the roof coating.

Industrial Roof Coating Durability

The trusted roof coating manufacturers that Jewett is partnered with all have an available 10 year materials warranty on their roof coating products. In some cases a 15 year warranty is available for an additional fee.
A preventative maintenance plan is highly recommended to ensure that the roof coating performs its absolute best over the duration of its life.