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Commercial Flat Roofing Contractors

Commercial flat roof repair & replacement, industrial flat roofing in st. louis

Flat Roof Replacment

The majority of commercial buildings feature a flat roof on top of them.  The term flat roof is actually a bit of a misnomer, any correctly installed flat roof solution will employ a very low slope that facilitates the water draining off of the roof. Some incorrectly installed systems do not allow the water to drain off of the roof and small ponds can form sometimes lasting many days.

The nature of a flat roof is that Rainwater does not drain as rapidly from it as it does from say a shingle roof. That extended contact means that water has a great chance to find any small nook or imperfection in the roof and leak inside the building. At Jewett Roofing we realize that the highest quality materials must be used and a special attention to detail is required in order to ensure that the rain stays out in the building inside stays dry.

Flat Roof Materials Offered by Jewett Roofing

  • PVC A tried and true flat roofing performer. PVC has been protecting rooftops for almost 50 years. Jewett Roofing proudly installs Duro-Last
  • EPDM – Sometimes called “rubber roofs”, “EPDM remains very flexible well into it’s lifetime. EPDM offers superior impact resistance compared to other types of roofing. Jewett Roofing is licensed to install Genflex and Versico EPDM roofs.
  • TPO – A relative newcomer to the flat roofing scene, TPO is one of the fastest growing segments of the commercial roofing market. Jewett Roofing installs Versico and Genflex TPO roofing systems.
  • Modified Bitumen – Having the appearance of wide rolls of shingle material, modified bitumen is a excellent choice where roof traffic and wear are a consideration. Jewett Roofing is an authorized installer of Soprema modified bitumen roof systems.
  • Liquid Applied Coatings – An excellent alternative to a new roof, coatings are used to extend the life of your existing system. ER Systems, Everest, and 838 Coatings are all available from Jewett Roofing.

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