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Ready for Winter? Brace your Business!

November 18, 2014

Winter Business Preparations

With everything business owners have to do in a day customer service, inventory, shipping, finances they may not feel they can spare an additional minute for anything else. However, devoting a bit of time in the fall to getting your business braced for winter will make the snow and ice season easier for your employees and customers alike.

Wintry RoofingUp on the Roofing

Your business roof protects everything beneath it, so start with a roofing inspection, especially if your business has a low-slope roof. Water ponding on low-slope roofs in winter quickly leads to ice loads, while the weight of snow accumulation can stress a roof. Jewett Roofing Company can come out and conduct a roofing inspection convenient to your schedule.

Check the Eavesdroppers

Just beneath the roof are your business’s gutters; have your maintenance team keep these clean and free-flowing to prevent ice dams and icicles from marring the appearance of the front of your business. These are also a potential hazard for customers and employees alike.

Check the Second Story

If your business fade is more than one story, take time to pay attention to the upper story windows, an area often overlooked because most people seldom look up. What impression do you offer customers when they see neglected, dirty windows, or windows with peeling paint and missing caulk? Winterizing not only can save you money on energy bills, it can make your business look more inviting.

  • Have all your windows cleaned—upper and lower—before cold weather sets in; streaking on windows is worse in cold temperatures.
  • Check caulking and insulation around all windows and openings
  • Repaint windows and trim
  • Replace window screens with storm windows

Prepare a Grand Entrance

Make certain your customers can navigate their way into your business smoothly, by checking railings, steps, walkways and doorways.

  • Make certain railings on steps are solidly anchored
  • Keep steps and walkways clear and clean
  • Have masonry repair work done on exposed foundation walls, walkways, sidewalks, and steps
  • Get rid of any ice build-up!

Additionally, protect shrubs from snow with burlap or simple plywood tents that could also serve as advertising space.

Note: Arguably, the most important aspect of winter maintenance is keeping the sidewalk and parking lots free of ice and packed snow. It takes the slightest misstep for a twisted ankle (or worse) to mar your accident-free record. The few extra dollars spent towards ice melt will be well-spent.

Sign Me Up!

Winter’s winds and driven rain can take a toll on everything exposed to the elements. Protect your business by calling Jewett Roofing Company and other trades to keep your company thriving all winter long.

With 35 years in the commercial roofing business, you can trust Jewett Roofing to get the job done right. Contact Jewett Roofing today to schedule a roof inspection for your business in Springfield, Collinsville, St. Louis, and the surrounding area.




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