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Roof Maintenance Plans for Churches or Businesses

April 14, 2015

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It is extremely important to stay on top of everyday maintenance and repairs for your flat or low slope roofing.  However, in the case of a church or business, it can be difficult to fit in the necessary maintenance between major events (Sunday services, regular office hours, etc.)  To take some of the guesswork out of your roof maintenance, we came up with some items to include in your maintenance plans:  

Safety Training

Every roof maintenance plan should begin with proper safety training for your staff.  OSHA has strict guidelines that must be followed to decrease the risk of injury or death when working on or inspecting a roof.

Debris Removal

Make sure that any sticks, leaves and other debris removed regularly. If there are any branches that are hanging over the roof, have them trimmed.

Roof Leaks and Moisture

Leaks can occur due to a variety reasons.  Some common causes include: flashing details that were not fastened properly during the installation process, foot traffic, and ponding.

Poor installation and unsatisfactory workmanship

Faulty installations increases the likelihood of problems and reduces the life expectancy of your roof.The contractor and the installation crew should be properly trained by the manufacturer of the roof being installed.


This occurs mostly in ballasted membranes. To prevent shrinking,you should inspect existing roofs quarterly in a year and ensure that corrective work is performed if necessary. When you are re-roofing the weak and deteriorated substrate should be strengthened.

Ponding water

Ponding water occurs when the engineering of a roof does not facilitate proper water drainage.  Call in a roofing professional to investigate the culprit.  Ponding can damage any type of flat roofing.

Severe Weather Plan

Roofs should always be inspected after severe weather events. This is to look for debris that may have blown on the roof which can damage the roof. Hail can cause damage that does not show up immediately, but can result in future problems. Damage may have occurred to the roof system that is not immediately noticeable but affects its ability to stay water tight and protect the building owner’s assets. Locating these issues and remedying them or working with your insurance provider can help protect your building, your assets and your employees.

Contact Jewett Roofing

All roof maintenance plans should include the phone number of a trusted roofing contractor. Whether you need emergency repairs, replacement – or would simply rather we perform an annual inspection of your roof – know that you can always contact our team at Jewett Roofing. 

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