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What You Need to Know About Certified Roof Repair for Your Commercial Building

February 6, 2017

What You Need to Know About Certified Roof Repair for Your Commercial BuildingChoosing a contractor to repair the roof on your commercial building can seem like an overwhelming task. Hiring the wrong company to make repairs can shorten the life of your roof, void your material manufacturer’s warranty, or leave you dealing with additional damage to the roof or the building’s interior due to poor workmanship. You can avoid these headaches and protect this costly asset by using manufacturer certifications as a guide for finding a qualified roofer.

Why Certified Roof Repair Matters

Choosing a certified roofer can give you peace of mind that you’re hiring a company with the experience and qualifications to do the job right. You’ll also have the assurance that:

  • Your roofer understands your type of roof system. There are a variety of commercial roof systems in use, and how they’re installed and repaired can differ greatly. By choosing a contractor who’s certified to work with your specific type of roof system, you’ll know that they understand the correct methods and materials to use to make sound repairs that last.
  • You’ll comply with all warranty requirements. If your roof is still under warranty, it’s vital that the contractor you hire to repair it is certified by the material manufacturer. If a roofer who isn’t certified makes any type of repairs to your roof, you may discover that you’ve voided the remaining warranty and have no coverage if a problem arises in the future.
  • Your roofer is up-to-date on industry trends and manufacturer best practices. To become certified by a commercial roofing manufacturer, a contractor has to go through factory training and master how to properly install, maintain and repair the products the company offers. To retain their certification, a roofer has to stay current on the latest techniques and best practices for working with the manufacturer’s products.

Certified Roof Repair in St. Louis

At Jewett Roofing, we take certification seriously. To meet our high internal standards, we’re not only certified by leading commercial roofing manufacturers like Versico, Firestone, Soprema and Duro-Last, but we’ve also developed our own Certified Roof Repair Technician Program. 
To ensure the quality of our workmanship and the knowledge and skill of our repair crews, our technicians receive comprehensive training on every aspect of commercial roof repair including material types, repair skills, roofing technology, equipment use, safety practices, emergency procedures and customer service. To learn more about our certified roof repair services, contact us today.


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