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Why You Need to Invest in a Pain-Free Roof Maintenance Program 

August 8, 2016

Why You Need to Invest in a Pain-Free Roof Maintenance Program

Flighty weather, wind-driven storms, smothering heat and humidity — Mother Nature can be painfully temperamental. That’s why you need a pain-free commercial roof maintenance plan to protect your property investments. After all, when your roof leaks, it pours.

Benefits of Roof Maintenance Plans

As a savvy property manager or owner, you’re probably frugal with your property expenditures and budgets. However, you also understand that sometimes you need to spend money now to save money later. That’s the idea behind implementing a commercial roof maintenance plan. Following are great benefits you may expect by allocating funds now toward preventive maintenance.

  • Repairs: With scheduled preventive maintenance performed by a good roofing company, you can catch small problems before they develop into major roof repairs.
  • Replacement: Roof replacements don’t come cheap. Properly maintaining your commercial roof may substantially extend its service life.
  • Energy efficiency: Your roofing system impacts the cooling and heating load inside your commercial buildings. By keeping your roof clean of dirt and debris through scheduled preventive maintenance, you can help keep your energy bills lower.
  • Building systems: When your roof sustains damage that causes water seepage, the interior systems of your building are going to be damaged in some way or form, too. This could mean an expensive repair or replacement for insulation, drywall, paint, flooring, timber and damaged electrical parts.
  • Warranty: Do you know the conditions of your roof’s warranty? You may be required to schedule preventive roof maintenance or risk invalidating your coverage.

Proactive Maintenance Plans

Roof maintenance plans can be cost-effective solutions to prevent wide-spread damage to your roof and to your entire building. Your commercial roof maintenance plan should be proactive and reactive in that it prevents the time, inconvenience and expense of repairs and early roof replacements.

At Jewett Roofing Company, we’ve learned through years of experience and success that a fixed-rate maintenance plan providing scheduled preventive maintenance for commercial roofs is the right solution for most property owners and managers.

Our signature “Two Men For A Day Program” maintenance plan includes two certified roofing technicians for a full day at your facility. You’ll receive a comprehensive roof inspection, followed up with repairs to any detected roofing problems.

To extend the service life of your commercial roof and prevent costly repairs, contact us at Jewett Roofing Company today! We’ll meet with you to discuss your specific commercial roof maintenance plan needs.


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