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Focus on These Priorities for Commercial Roof Maintenance

September 12, 2016

Focus on These Priorities for Commercial Roof Maintenance

Like any other kind of unexpected commercial expense, the best way to handle commercial roof maintenance is to have a plan for dealing with whatever might come up. It’s important that this plan be formalized into writing, so that both you and other members of your staff are aware there is such a plan. It’s equally important that this formalized, written plan be actually referred to and executed.

Prioritizing roof maintenance

When preparing a good commercial roof maintenance plan, you need to consider three very important elements so that you know how to go about prioritizing your roof inspections, maintenance, and repairs:

  • Environment – the area you live in is at the top of the priority list, because frequent rains, severe storms or heavy winds, and even proximity to the salt air of the ocean can have an enormous impact on your commercial roof. In any of these conditions, your roof will sustain wear and tear at a much faster rate, and occasional severe damage is far more likely.
  • Size of your building – a smaller building can probably be inspected in one day or less, with all problems identified. With a large-sized building of 100,000 square feet or more, inspections may need to be performed over a period of several days or broken up into smaller inspections throughout the year.
  • Building contents – Depending on what’s inside your commercial building, you may need to inspect very frequently. For instance, if you have very expensive equipment being stored, or if you have a great deal of retail merchandise inside, which could be destroyed by water damage, you’ll want to be very conscientious about inspecting and maintaining your roof.

Addressing repairs and maintenance

Obviously, if major damage has been caused by a recent storm, repairs must be handled as quickly as possible, and a thorough inspection will be necessary to uncover the true extent of damage. Under more normal circumstances, you should prioritize maintenance for the following areas:

  • expansion joints, flashings, roof edges and terminations
  • rooftop units and penetrations, like vents and pipes
  • the entire surface area of the rooftop
  • gutters, scuppers, and drains

To be sure that all issues with your commercial roof are regularly inspected and repaired, it is always best to secure the services of a highly knowledgeable and skilled commercial rooftop maintenance company, such as the Jewett Roofing Company – the best maintenance plan of all!


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