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Featured Roofing Product: TPO

April 16, 2015

tpo roofing

Last month we looked at the benefits of EPDM as a roofing material.  This month, we would like to delve into some of the basic pros and cons of working with the single-ply TPO membrane. 

What is TPO?

TPO Roofing (thermoplastic polyolefin) is currently one of the most popular single-ply roofing membranes in the United States, although it is a relatively new product. It has more than 35% of the market share and is a great option for owners who wish to gain LEED credits.


Although TPO can be as durable as the next single ply membrane, it has a negative connotation for showing signs of  degradation from increased exposure to the elements and UV rays. Degradation typically appears in the form of sheet shrinkage.

TPO obtained from a quality manufacturer, however, will be far more durable and long lasting.


TPO’s popularity is due in part to its high surface reflectivity, which helps keep the building cool during hot days. A reflective surface can help to greatly diminish energy consumption in hot summer months, leading to incredible savings.

Eco Friendly Option

TPO roofing is fully recyclable and maintains a steady resistant to common chemicals that would quickly deteriorate other roofing materials.

Interested in Learning More?

Overall, TPO offers a very affordable option for your flat roofing needs.  If you are wondering whether it may be the right roof for your building, please contact our team at Jewett Roofing.

We will discuss your current roofing needs, as well as provide information on quality manufacturers, warranties, and other considerations that may come into play with your particular building.

TPO Roofing


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