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5 Signs Your Building Needs Commercial Roof Repair

May 27, 2016

commercial roof repair
Keeping up with your commercial roof is vital to keeping your business productive and moving forward. When your building is healthy it means there will be no down time for major repairs. Maintaining a commercial roof can be easy with the help of programs like Two Men for a Day. It is an excellent way to utilize experts in the roofing industry and to help identify any signs that your building needs any commercial roof repair. Jewett Roofing technicians will come to your facility and spend the day (eight hours) locating and repairing any roof issues you may have. The technicians will look for these five main roof repair signs:

1. Leaks or Standing Water

Standing water in excess on the roof will put pressure on the materials. The pressure increases the potential for leaks by deteriorating the area. This can also cause leaks in the roof. When there is water penetration the problems are compounded, as often the buildings interior needs repairs. It is best to have the roof inspected and repair any potential areas before they begin to leak.

2. Tears, Cuts or Splits in the Roof

The materials that support and protect your roof can split from excessive heat. There is also potential for tears or cuts in the roof when other maintenance work is being done. Moving equipment around or working on the ducts and air conditioning can all be the cause of membrane weakness.

3. Gaps in the Wall Flashings

If the wall flashing is loose or pulled away from the wall it can easily cause damage. If the wind picks up and pulls the flashing away during a storm that will create gaps and there is potential for water damage.

4. Bubbles or Small Holes

When there are bubbles on the roof it means that there is something trapped under the cover. This is most likely moisture. That can create mold and even leaks if not repaired early.  Small holes are also big potential for leaks and need immediate repair.

5. Age and Deterioration

The most likely damage you will find with an older roof is deterioration. Because your roof is your first defense from the elements it takes a beating from all types of weather. The older the roof the more exposure to heat, cold, wind and debris. A proper inspection will help determine if you need commercial roof repair.

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